Faces of Ottawa

Faces of Ottawa

“Faces of Ottawa” is a collection of interviews and conversations with Ottawans. People who live in Ottawa are bright, funny, interesting and participate in a wide variety of activities. These individuals work hard to excel in their field and are proud to be Canadian. These are glimpses into the lives of individuals who have some kind of connection to Ottawa. They live here, they work here, they call Ottawa home, or they remember their days in Ottawa fondly.


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How Do I Find My Interview Subjects?

The “Faces of Ottawa” series is a fun series for me to do! I contact individuals that come across my path–ones with interesting career choices, differing points of views, varying opinions, but with one thing in common: they have some kind of connection to the National Capital Region.

The Interview Process

I contact these individuals after doing research on their chosen profession, reading other interviews that they have given, listening to or watching them perform, or reading what they’ve written. After this research, I compose about ten to fifteen questions. The questions reflect their individuality and their unique point-of-view. I choose to e-mail these questions to the chosen interviewee after they have expressed an interest in participating. The e-mailed questions gives the interviewee flexibility: to choose whether to answer a question in depth, after reflection, or to rattle off a quick answer if they are under time constraints.

After the interviewee has replied, and usually after a few e-mails back and forth, I’ll work out our “conversation” and then put it up on my site so the interviewee can review it before I make it public. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to get to know Ottawans through these interviews and conversations. I hope that some of these conversations help you to get to know us better and to understand our unique Ottawa perspectives! I hope you will enjoy being a “fly on the wall” during our conversations!

The written word has power and permanency. I’m always delighted with the responses that I get–alot of thought and effort goes into these answers (and questions too)!!! The interviewees are always gracious, generous with their time, and a pleasure to work with. The “Faces of Ottawa” interviews will be revisited from time to time, to add updates, add thoughts, or even to add further questions from readers. Visit often! See what’s new!

I Need Your Help!

If you would like to nominate an individual to be interviewed, feel free to contact me using the “Contact Me” button in the left navigation bar. 

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