Canadian Facts

Canadian Facts

The flag of Canada

Flag of Canada

This is the space where I collect interesting Canadian Facts, fun trivia, and useful information about Canada in general. 


Want to know more about our National Anthem, “O Canada“? Did you know “O Canada” has more than one verse? Did you know that it was originally written in French, later translated to English, and then new English lyrics were written? Or that there were two other contenders for the national anthem spot: The Maple Leaf Forever and God Save the Queen/KingClick here to learn more about O Canada.


I have to include lists, lists, and more lists in my “Canadian facts” collection. Quick, can you name some famous Canadians that are popular around the world? In general, most famous Canadians are proud of their heritage, so it isn’t hard to spot a Canadian abroad. I’m putting together a list of talented Canadian individuals in many fields including the entertainment industry, music, science, politics, art, literature, sports and others… Stay tuned!


Hey, wish I’d invented that!! Who knew Canadians were such an inventive bunch! (Of course, we need something to occupy our time during the long, cold winters)!! Did you know that Canadians invented basketball, insulin, IMAX, Trivial Pursuit and other cool things? For all you need to know about Canadian inventions, check out this page!


Canadian grammar of interest to you? For example, what’s with the “extra u” in colour, humour, and labour??! You’ll see evidences of the Queen’s English in Canadian spellings! If you’ve ever wondered about the term “eh” be sure to check back here. I plan to include a page on “The Proper Use of EH!! or how about brushing up on a few key phrases of French–Ontario style?? That’s coming too!


Canadian facts should definitely include a quick primer on some Canadian history, including some lists that you may find interesting. Coming soon: a list of our Prime Ministers here, lists of the Canadian provinces and territories plus their capital cities, a list of Canada’s governor generals, a quick primer on Canadian politics, and other educational things.


I’m planning to include a great collection of Canadian information and trivia about geography, such as the names and capitals of Canada’s provinces and territories, the provincial flags, and other educational information.


Canadian facts aren’t all only “just-the-facts-ma’am”. Most people also search for Canadian humour too! If you’ve ever heard the popular “I AM CANADIAN” rant that was the subject of a Molson Canadian beer commercial, you’ll know a few facts that Canadians are always getting bugged about abroad. The “I Am Canadian” rant spawned a few funny take-offs. I checked out William Shatner’s version which I thought was really funny (he really isCanadian). For some more fun “You know you’re Canadian when…” jokes, and other funny anecdotes, there’s an awesome site called…be sure to check it out!!

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