Canada Science and Technology Museum

Canada Science and Technology Museum


Due to an airborne mould problem that was detected on September 11, 2014, the museum has been closed indefinitely for the safety of its visitors!!  No decision has yet been made as to when the museum could possibly re-open.  All updates will be made on the Canada Science and Technology Museum’s website located here.

Their homepage lists a link where donations are being accepted.  Another way to show your support is by visiting their sister museums: the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum or the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

Did you know that the Canada Science and Technology Museum was never supposed to be permanently located on St. Laurent Boulevard?  It was a temporary solution that somehow became somewhat permanent!  It’s location in a former bakery only permitted less than 10 percent of it’s entire collection to be shown at one time.  It’s definitely time for the museum to find a new location–one where more of the amazing scientific artifacts can be put on display.  Here’s hoping that they find a more permanent solution soon!

The Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa is one of my children’s favourite Ottawa Museums. It probably has to do with the fact that you can push buttons, turn dials, pull levers, walk through a crazy kitchen, participate in demonstrations, pretend you are a data packet in a network, and basically explore science and technology firsthand. The museum celebrates many Canadian achievements in science and technology.

Plan for 2-4 hours for a reasonably complete tour of the Museum–more if you are going to participate in demonstrations. We took a picnic lunch and spent the afternoon there, wandering through exhibits and watching demonstrations and then spent another hour wandering through the Technology Park outdoors for photos of their life-size artifacts. The “Scientique” store has lots of imaginative, fun toys that will keep the museum experience alive later on at home.



Click ‘play’ to check out a little slideshow/video we put together after a visit to the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa>





1867 St. Laurent Blvd.
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 5A3
613.991.3044 or 1.866.442.4416


April 30 – September 2
Open daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., including all stat holidays


Adults $12.00
Students and Seniors $10.00
Children (3-12) $8.00
Children under 3 FREE
Family (2 adults, 3 children) $30.00
  • Members: Unlimited admission and other benefits for the Canada Science and Technology Museum, Canada Aviation and Space Museum, and Canada Agriculture Museum.
  • The Canada Science and Technology Museum also participates in the Ottawa museum passport program. (See the tip on the Ottawa Museums page).
  • There is group and tour pricing for groups of 16 people or more.
  • Virtual Voyages cost $3.00 per person per ride.



The museum cafeteria offers snacks and light meals, plus a seating area to enjoy your meal.

Technology Park

Located outside the museum, picnic tables are available for those who choose to bring their lunch. The park features a full-size Atlas rocket, a re-assembled Cape North Lighthouse, a Canadian National 6200 steam locomotive and other fun items. You can’t climb on them, but they make neat photo opportunities.

“Scientique” Giftshop

The giftshop, “Scientique” has alot of fun science and technology related souvenirs. The giftshop is located near the main entrance, so no museum admission is required to access the giftshop. Their prices are reasonable and they feature lots of cool science kits and projects for those imaginative young minds. Lots of cool gadgets too. Their products are also available online.

Getting Around

The Canada Science and Technology Museum is completely wheelchair accessible. There are courtesy wheelchairs and strollers available at the Info desk. Also, the museum has FREE parking on-site–a great bonus!


The Canada Science and Technology Museum has a lot of fun, interactive, and educational exhibits.

As you walk in the museum, you’ll see the Innovation Canada exhibit which contains the Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame. If you looked at our slideshow, you’ll see a few panels that list some of the cool inventions that Canadians came up with. My favourite “I-didn’t-know-Canadians-invented-that” include Muskol (because everyone knows that Canadian mosquitos are huge-haha), the Imax Movie System, the Jolly Jumper and other items. You’ll just have to go in person to check out the other Canadian inventions and gadgets.

In the Connexions exhibit, you can explore the world of telecommunications–from telegraphs to telephones. We always get a giggle seeing those huge brick like “portable” phones. People actually carried those things around?? My kids also love the exhibit that allows them to run through a digital network, pretending they are data packets. You can stay below and watch through the cameras or follow along if you aren’t clausterphobic. (The plastic slides at the end of the “network” are a little nerve-wracking to those who don’t like enclosed spaces).

Full Steam Ahead! is an exhibit that shows how the steam engine changed sea travel and trade. Lots of intricate designs and ship models in this wing.

Canada In Space offers an exhibition on Canada’s contributions to space exploration. With lots of huge displays of satellites, rocket engines and other interesting stuff.

In Search of the Canadian Car is a thoughtful exhibit on transportation in Canada, with some unique automobiles from the Canada Science and Technology Museum’s collection.

Steam Locomotives is an impressive display of full-size train cars–some engines and a caboose or two. You can’t climb on the outside of the trains, but you can mount the staircases and take a peek at the inside of some of the trains and check out some of the engine rooms.

Canoes: The Shape of Success lets you explore some of the history of commercial canoe-building. They even have a little exhibit where you can try to climb into a canoe silently without tipping the canoe wildly.

Energy: Power to Change is a new exhibit which will be opening June 9, 2011.

Demo Stage: While we were at the museum, they had three rotating demo programs to watch and participate in. Electricity: A Hair-Raising Experience explored static and current electricity with various experiments that involved audience participation. Cryogenics: Cold is Cool demonstrated the properties of liquid nitrogen. Physics: Amazing Feats showed off some everyday Physics. The museum staff that did the demos were knowledgeable, friendly and bilingual. The times for the different demonstrations are written on a board right by the entrance to the museum.


Allow the museum to host your child’s next birthday party including free Museum access for the whole day, and your choice out of four themes for the party. Or you can choose to have your own “Night at the Museum” and join the Museum for a movie night and sleepover. Finally, there are family astronomy and space workshops that feature a new activity each month and either a guided tour of the stars in the inflatable planetarium, a visit to the Canada in Space exhibition, or a visit to the Helen Sawyer Hogg Observatory.

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