About Me

About Me

Me with Parliament in the backgroundHere’s a story about a local, dyed-in-the-wool Ottawa girl…

I grew up in Ottawa after moving from Montreal, Quebec when I was three. Our family settled in the East End of Ottawa. I grew up around Orleans and spent much of my school-age years exploring the City of Ottawa and the National Capital Region. Going to school in the Nation’s Capital meant taking advantage of the many local and historic attractions on our doorstep.

Whenever our family entertained visitors from out of town, they were also invariably given a tour of downtown Ottawa and, if they were staying for several days, we would take them to various sites of interest and the usual tourist attractions.

I love showing my city to others and am happy to share my favourite haunts and “insider secrets”. I attended University of Ottawa in the 90′s and enjoyed roaming the downtown core on foot, and, with my student buspass in hand, travelled OC Transpo Route 95 (that covered Highway 417) from one end of Ottawa to the other, i.e. Orleans to Nepean.

I spent a couple of years in the States: North Carolina, Washington State and Western Canada, specifically British Columbia. But Ottawa was always considered home. As soon as my husband and I started having children (we have three!), we moved back to raise them in the Nation’s Capital where we could all be with extended family. We are enjoying sharing our love of Ottawa with our kids. We’ve rediscovered old favourites, and found many new ones!! (Our kids are homeschooled so we have more opportunity to explore!)

With the universities and colleges, military headquarters, federal and local government, high-tech industry and private sector employment, there is a constant flow of new people coming in. There has been explosive growth in Ottawa housing which has led to residence developments springing up all over town. (I still remember when everything East of Blair Road was pasture land and farms!!).

Ottawa’s cultural scene is a diverse and exciting one. In our city, you will find people of many cultures and they are encouraged to celebrate their ethnic heritage while maintaining their Canadian identity. Ottawa is proud to be a bilingual city. French and English are the two official languages, with many citizens fluently switching between the two.

So, enough about me!

Welcome to my city, Ottawa. Enjoy the website!

Elena Fortin

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